Electrifly PolyCharge

Codice articolo: GPMM3010
Produttore: Greatplanes

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Electrifly PolyCharge

Electrifly PolyCharge

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Electrifly PolyCharge LiPo charging the way it should be: fast, easy & affordable! With the PolyCharge, the benefits of LiPo packs are easy to enjoy and afford. There's no complicated programming, no costly computer chips – just a no-frills design that offers the basics of LiPo charging at the least possible price. Add a plane, a few packs and a 12V battery, and you have everything needed for hours of nonstop flying. Perfect for 1-3 cell LiPo power packs in park flyers, helis and smaller 3D aerobats. Light and compact for easy carrying and storage – and super simple to set up and use. Automatically starts charging when the pack is connected – automatically ends charging when the pack is fully charged. Buzzer and high-intensity blue LED signal diagnostic alerts and changes in charging status. Includes alligator clips on 30" lead for input and standard red 2-pin connector on output. Vented for cooler operation and longer life. Stock Number: GPMM3010