Eco Power Motoscafo Graupner Giallo in Kit

Codice articolo: GRA-EcoP
Produttore: Graupner

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Eco Power Motoscafo Graupner Giallo in Kit

Eco Power Motoscafo Graupner Giallo in Kit

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The Graupner ECO Power is a ready-made model boat with GRP hull. With integral flood duct, ballraced shaft, rudder system, motor mount, shaft coupling (3.17 / 2 mm Ø), cooling water inlet / outlet, RC aerial, propeller, emergency off-switch with G4 connector. RC functions: Rudder Proportional speed control Information: For two-function radio control, single electric motor Suitable for the following racing boat classes: Eco-Start,Eco-Standard and Eco-Expert. The integral flood duct enables the boat to continue racing after turning over, by righting itself automatically. Eco-Start: open only to boats produced by commercial manufacturers. Running time 6min. with seven SUB-C cells. Brushed 550 / 600 motor. 29 Carbon propeller. Eco-Standard: motor size 540 / 600 with ferrite magnets and three-pole armature. Running time: 8 min. with seven Sub-C cells Eco-Expert: running time 6 min. with seven Sub-C cells Specification Length approx. 552.5 mm Beam approx. 225 mm Weight ready to run approx. 1100 - 1200 g